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The Ecological Options Network - EON - is dedicated to documenting the emerging planetary culture of sustainability, compassion, justice and peace coming up through the widening cracks in the 'civilization of the bottom line.' It was founded by Co-Directors Mary Beth Brangan and James Heddle, documentary video and radio producers, educators, community and international organizers.

Brangan and Heddle are award-winning filmmakers of social, political & environmental issue documentaries produced over the last twenty-five years that have been broadcast and toured nationally and internationally; aired in Congress, the United Nations, on PBS, ABC, CNN, cable; and used in parliaments, universities, libraries and by citizens' organizations and NGO's worldwide.

Their work has been honored at the Sundance, American, San Francisco Asian-American, Dallas, Hawaii International and Margaret Mead Film Festivals, among others.

Previous and present funders include the Corporation for Public Broadcasting; the Alton-Jones, McArthur, Columbia and Turner Foundations; the European Commission; the Agape Foundation for Non-Violent Social Change; The Flow Fund Circle, and private donors.

Their productions include: STRATEGIC TRUST: the Making of Nuclear Free Palau; FREE ZONE: Democracy Meets the Nuclear Threat; CHOICEPOINT: California's Water & Nuclear Waste; PELIGRO! Nuclear Showdown on the Rio Grande; ISLANDS on the EDGE of TIME; BORDERING on TYRANNY: Thailand's Dilemma; PUBLIC EXPOSURE: DNA, Democracy and the ìWireless Revolution; A LITTLE LIGHTíLL DO YA: Defending Democracy in America; GOT DEMOCRACY?; The PRICE OF LIBERTY and more.

Human and Indigenous rights, clean energy, deep democracy, election integrity, food sovereignty and environmental issue campaigners for two decades, Brangan and Heddle co-founded Options 2000 International, the Nuclear Democracy Network, the Bay Area Nuclear (BAN) Waste Coalition in the 1980's and 1990's, and the Ecological Options Network, EON, in 2003.

They played key organizing roles building international support for the Micronesian Republic of Palau's right to its precedent-setting nuclear free national constitution; in stopping a proposed national radioactive waste dump in Ward Valley, California; and in maximizing safety at nuclear facilities worldwide during the 2000 rollover, as U.S. Co-Coordinators of an International World Atomic Safety Campaign.

More recently they have been active in campaigns to minimize exposure to electromagnetic radiation from cell towers in their local area and for California, transitioning to clean energy, national election integrity since 2004 and in stopping the planned aerial pesticide spraying of the San Francisco Bay area in 2008.

They are joining in the Transition West Marin movement, a subset of the Transition Town US and international Transition Town movement for independence from fossil fuel energy and local resiliency in our challenging times.

They are currently in production on documentary projects dealing with protection against toxic chemical spraying and ground applications, election reform and raising awareness of the health and environmental effects of electromagnetic radiation from wireless technologies, as well as releasing an historical TV series on the New American Cinema.

They have recently published "The Enlightenment Imperative: Meditations on Spiritual Awakening, Social Engagement, Sexual Maturity and Cultural Creation at the Turn of the Millennium" which provides seed thoughts about becoming the change we are seeking and creating a new culture based on values of compassion, liberation, cooperation and long term sustainability.
The EON Timeline
The EON story spans more than a quarter century of evolving media activism in our six areas of focus. You can read the summary below, click on the chapter headings that interest you, or fly over the whole chronology by scrolling down in the right sidebar.