The Planetization Movement: From Geo-Politics to Gaian-Politics

Election Protection & Deep Democracy: Votes Freely Cast, Transparently Counted and Honestly Reported

Clean Energy and Climate Change Solutions: Co-Creating a Post-Carbon Culture

Electro-Magnetic Health Protection: Public Health, Democracy and the 'Wireless Revolution'

Food, Water, Pesticides and Health Freedom:
Beyond Big Agra, Big Pharma and Water Barons To Localized Permaculture, Holistic Healing and Healthy Watersheds

EON's Focus Areas - Where and Why We Take Our Stand
Never before in recorded history have so many visionaries been at work on so many issues, from village and neighborhood to nation and region, on every continent and island group. These visionaries around the world and around the block are the awakened immune system of the planetary body politik going into high gear to meet our multiple challenges and to actualize the ecological options available to us.

EON's chosen task is to tell the stories of some of these grassroots sheroes and heros who are devoting their lives to working for ecological options. The connections between them, as they become increasingly visible to others, aware of each other, of themselves as a planetary movement, and of their potential collective power, is what constitutes what we're calling the ecological options network. Our stories amplify their work, spread their information and catalyze others to help.

Of all the many converging Challenge/Solution Clusters our planetary ecological community faces at this historical moment (see the EON Matrix for a full list), we have chosen to focus on six - election integrity; food, farming and health freedom; nukes in all their forms; electromagnetic health protection; and clean energy - plus what we are calling the planetarian perspective. Here's why.
Planetarian Perspectives embody insights on consciousness and culture building from many fields of inquiry which point, like a forest in the wind, to the necessity for a total paradigm shift in the way we perceive and interact with our world and our environment and each other. They incorporate progressive political analysis with leading edge 21st century science with the insights of traditional indigenous shamanic and wisdom systems from around the planet. We interview those leading to a new planetarian perspective from around the planet.
Electro-Magnetic Radiation (EMR) pollution, or electro-smog, has changed the entire planetary environment since 1940 to one totally different from what our cells and all terrestrial lifeforms have evolved in for millennia. It is no exaggeration to say that mounting scientific evidence increasingly shows that the global communications industry has literally turned our biosphere into an alien and potentially genocidal, ecocidal environment affecting all from soil microbes to humans. Our videos give an overview of the issue and the science and show those working for just and prudent policies for electromagnetic health protection.
Election Integrity is key to functioning deep democracy, in which people power and civil society rule, rather than shallow, managed or facade democracy, in which the state becomes a captive of corporate forces, organized crime forces, or a combination of both - and is used to sell capitalism, as is currently the case in the United States, U.S.-dominated international institutions and many nations around the world. †We show many of those working for election integrity, especially in Ohio and California since 2004.
Food, Water and Health Freedom is an issue cluster which goes to the heart of the battle between individual citizen choice and corporate attempts to privitaze water and control people and the world's food supply with pesticides, herbicides, mono-crops, genetically modified seeds and patented life forms as well as health options limited solely by profit motives, forced vaccinations, faux crises like 'h1n1'', drugging of children and manipulated market forces. We document some of the many working for water rights, food, farming and health freedom and against forced chemical poisoning of planet and people.
Transition to Clean, Renewable, Sustainable Energy Sources is an evolutionary, ecological, economic and political survival imperative made necessary by peaking fossil fuel supplies and accelerating industry-caused, greenhouse gas-driven climate chaos, which is already upon us. We follow stories of Community Choice, a brilliant plan to implement regional scale clean energy, as well as stories about energy efficiency strategies and how utility monopolies work to block them.
Nuclear Power, Weaponry and Waste that spread radioactivity devastating for billions of years, combined with the corporate-driven global permanent war economy, threatens the survival not only of our species, but of the entire biosphere and the planet itself. We depict those working to stop and contain the ongoing nuclear threat from weapons and waste.
If we successfully navigate our collective way through this matrix of challenges to the solutions they mandate, we can count ourselves Worthy Ancestors. Otherwise we will fail all the generations who may follow.

Together they constitute the core of what we term the Evolutionary Imperative.
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