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Partnerships and Allies

Current and past collaborations include:

California Election Protection
Velvet Revolution
Save R Vote
Election Defense Alliance
Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism
International Forum on Globalization
Institute for Popular Democracy (The Philippines)
Stop the Spray Marin
Stop the Spray San Francisco
East Bay Stop the Spray
California Alliance to Stop the Spray (CASS)
Stop the Spray.org
North Bay Rivers Alliance
Natural Solution Foundation
Nuclear Information Resource Services
Marin CAN!
Sustainable Fairfax
Local Power
Sierra Club
Women's Energy Matters
The Wellstone Club
The Free Press
American Friends Service Committee
The Right Livelihood Foundation
BAN Waste Coalition
Ward Valley Coalition
FOCUS on the Global South
Green Action
The Sierra Blanca Texas Coalition
The Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific Coalition
The Danish Friends of Palau

W.W.N.F.I.P. Coalition (Britain)
The World Council of Churches
The Third World Network
The Kwitney Report
The National Legislature of Palau
The Northern Mariana Islands Governmental Task Force
Women's International News Gathering Service
Pacifica Radio
The Guardianship Project
Physicians for Social Responsibility
The International Coalition on RF Safety
The EMR Network
Council on Wireless Energy Impacts
Union of Concerned Scientists
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
The International Forum on Globalization
Active Citizenship Foundation
Compact for Peaceful Elections
Institute of Politics and Governance
Institute for Popular Democracy
EarthRights International