When its very dark...
A Little Light'll Do Ya

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2005 - 58 min. $20

Blacked out or dismissed as 'conspiracy theories' by corporate news outlets, reports of massive vote fraud in the 2004 presidential election circulated on the internet and independent media.

As the Jan. 6th, 2005 deadline for a challenge to the Electoral College vote drew near, a tiny village on the California coast raised funds to send a delegation of its citizens and an award-winning documentary team to Ohio and Washington, D.C. to get the facts.

They found overwhelming evidence of a stolen election - and a small, diverse group of committed people from the street and the elite who were defending democracy against overwhelming odds.

This is their report - a precursor of the subsequent Election Protection movement that is still growing today and that is making a difference in upholding our right to accurate vote counts.

A Little Light'll Do Ya:
Defending Democracy in America
- 2005

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