Got Democracy?
"The greatest danger to democracy in America
is the belief that we have one."
David Cobb, Green Presidential Candidate, 2004

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Electoral Reform is a non-partisan issue! Why does it matter if the three U.S. Federal elections before 2008 were stolen? Because, if they were, we have a very vulnerable political system still in crisis - those vote-stealing mechanisms remain in place today in every state. Massive evidence exists that the elections were indeed stolen, despite resounding corporate media silence. Ohio was the key state in 2004.

The Conyers Congressional Report 'Preserving Democracy' cites "massive and unprecedented voter irregularities and anomalies" throughout Ohio. Attempted recounts met with serious blocking and tampering. Thousands of similar violations occurred in states across the country, dis-enfranchising primarily poor, African American, Native American and Latino voters.

Without clean elections no just and decent domestic or foreign policy, no clean energy policy, etc. are possible.
Got Democracy? looks at the evidence for widespread vote fraud and what citizens in 2004 resolved to do about it.

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in cooperation with the
Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club
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Presenters include: Ohio attorney Bob Fritakis; Investigative journalists Lynn Landes and Wayne Madsen; Statistician Allyson Washburn; Researchers Emily Levy & Dr. Jonathan Simon; Organizers, Megan Matson, Butch Wing, Medea Benjamin, Sharon Cornu & Walter Riley.

Got Democracy?
A Report on the Electoral Crisis in the United States

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