Vote Rigging 101

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A Report on†the electoral crisis in the United States from the Teach-In called by outraged citizens across the country to deal with the stealing of the presidential election of 2004. Organized by the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club and The MMOB, this was the First National Teach-in on Vote Fraud. It helped spark America's Election Protection Movement that is still working to fix our terribly broken electoral system. They're demanding true democracy - that every voter gets to vote and that every vote is counted as cast.

Disc # 1 --- The Arc Of Justice: We've Been Here Before: DVD excerpt: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.; Lynn Landes, journalist; John Gideon, Voters Unite!. Voter Suppression: Bob Fitrakis, Free Press; Emily Levy, "Precinct Analysis in Ohio;" Warren Stewart, National Ballot Integrity Project.

Disc # 2 -- What Happened In 2004: Exit Polls - Were They Right? -†Jonathan Simon, "Analysis of Exit Polls;" Allyson Washburn, U "The Reluctant Republican Responder;" Larry Bensky,, "The Disappearing Media." The Age of the Machines - Jim March,, "How to Hack a Diebold Vote Tabulator;" Wayne Madsen, journalist, "The Privatization of the Vote" - Litigation: Paul Lehto, Washington attorney, "Sue First, Ask Questions Later;" Bob Fitrakis, Free Press, "History of Moss v. Bush, the Sanctions, Future Legal Actions"

Disc # 3 --- Legislation -†Butch Wing, political director, Rainbow PUSH, "Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s Constitutional Amendment Guaranteeing the Right to Vote;" Bob Kibrick,, "Pending Federal Legislation for Electoral Reform;" Sharon Cornu, Alameda County Central Labor Council, "Organized Labor and Election Reform;" Medea Benjamin, Code Pink, "A Voters' Bill of Rights." Action -†Megan Matson,, "What We Can Do;" Walter Riley, community activist, "Organize County by County, Precinct by Precinct;" Lynn Landes, journalist, "A Paper Ballot is the Only Solution;" DVD excerpt: Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., "Keep Hope Alive."
Not available on-line.

Oakland, California, February, 2005

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