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Congressional Hearing on
The Health Risks of Cellphone Use
Sept. 19, 2009

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For virtually all of evolutionary history, life on earth developed in a global environment virtually free of any but miniscule amounts of electro-magnetic radiation.† 20th century deployment of radio, TV, radar and cell phone technologies changed all that.† Now, in the opening decade of the 21st century, we and all the earth's lifeforms are submerged in a deep smog of electro-magnetic pollution which increases every day with the build-out of wifi and broadband systems.

In the rush to deploy these profitable techno tools and playthings, corporations and the governments they so strongly influence have given scant attention to, and in some cases even tried to suppress, the rising tide of scientific evidence that this total immersion in the spreading smog of EMR is having serious biological effects - not just on humans (especially growing children), but potentially on all the exposed lifeforms on the planet.

That era of irresponsible willful ignorance is coming to an end. Recently an international team of leading scientists reviewed existing, peer-reviewed evidence on the harmful biological effects of EMR pollution. The results of their study, the BioInitiative Report - edited by environmental consultant Cindy Sage - is beginning to have wide impact on governmental policy in the European Union.

Our interview with Cindy Sage, THE BIOINITIATIVE REPORT is available as a DVD, or on-line in English and German versions.

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