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Collateral Damage in the Bug and Water Wars

For the past year we have been documenting the rise of California's Stop the Spray movement. It is a growing and powerful citizen-driven, grassroots reaction to a government-backed, corporate attempt to spray urban areas with toxic pesticides in response to a false 'invasive species' crisis.

Our investigative research has led us to see California's Stop the Spray fight as one element in a larger picture: the drive by a few agribusiness conglomerates - chiefly Monsanto, Dow, DuPont and Syngenta - to dominate global agriculture with their genetically modified seeds, patented lifeform/chemical 'technologies' and control the world food supply.

Corporate attempts to privatize
water supplies are also on the agenda, as Indian Scientist/Activist Vandana Shiva and UN Water Policy Advisor Maude Barlow make clear in their interviews and presentations.

As no less a power-wielder than Henry Kissinger has infamously pointed out, "Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control the people." Seen in this context California's Stop the Spray movement is just one manifestion of a planetary effort by citizen organizations on every continent, on every level, to expose, resist and roll back the agra-corporate bio-warfare agenda.

We are at work on a 1 hour TV documentary entitled CHECKMATE: California's Movement to Stop the Spray and are continuing to document unfolding developments and post video reports on our YouTube vlog page.
Food, Water, Pesticides and
Health Freedom

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