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Two concerned scientists, DR. DANIEL HARDER, UC Santa Cruz Arboretum Executive Director, and UC Davis Entomologist DR. JAMES CAREY share research showing that the Stateís proposed aerial pesticide spraying program will not only be ineffective, but is also unnecessary.

Three concerned citizens tell what they learned from the forced aerial pesticide spraying of Santa Cruz and Monterey, and how citizens in other targeted counties can join the fight to stop the spraying.

MICHAEL LYNBERG - Documented 643 reports of people harmed by forced aerial pesticide spraying in Santa Cruz & Monterey, CA

ROY UPTON - Found dead seabirds the day after the spraying that started him on a citizenís investigation of the toxic chemistry, flawed science, undemocratic politics and backroom economics driving the spray plan.

FOSTER GAMBLE - Followed the money, found the laws and penalties that outlaw such spraying, and suggests a win-win solution in which democratic control can be restored and officials can avoid jail.

Vol. 1 - Reports from the LBAM Frontlines

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