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EON provides organizing and media support for grassroots movements working for planetary and human rights through deep democracy.


Movements we are now supporting focus on three ubiquitous and threatening yet under-reported issues of our time: Nuclear Power, Weapons and Waste; Wireless Electromagnetic Radiation; and Election Integrity.

The following are excerpts of our founding statement in 2009. Although the focus of our projects has evolved with emerging conditions – as reflected on these pages – it remains a clear statement of our values, intentions and aspirations.

EON White Paper

CONNECTING THE DOTS: From Resource Wars to the Rise of Planetarian Culture

EON, The Ecological Options Network is dedicated to “connecting the dots” both of the present geopolitical puzzle and the future promise of the planetization process.

From Globalization to Planetization – the Planetarian Vision

Whether we view ourselves primarily as citizens of the United States, as citizens of the planet, or both, we are all each in our own ways now struggling to understand the underlying patterns of present unfolding events and how we can put our shoulders to the wheel of intentional evolution and work with others toward a peaceful, sustainable future for ourselves and our descendants.

While its important to understand the “deep background” of current developments domestically and internationally beyond the spin and hype of propaganda and managed news, its also imperative not to lose sight of the larger historical picture – the co-evolutionary drama in which we are all, consciously or not, contributing actors.

As U.S. citizens we urgently need to connect the dots of the present terrorism/counter-terrorism, corporate-driven “globalization” puzzle. What our government does in our name impacts mightily on the rest of the world.

As world citizens we simultaneously need to connect the dots of the emerging people-driven “planetization” movement. This exciting new 21st century co-evolutionary development outframes the outmoded 20th century “dominator politics” of the past and puts “cultural creatives” and international “civil society” in a pivotal, democratic, counterbalancing role to the powers of transnational corporations and the official institutions that govern on their behalf to the detriment of human rights and ecological continuity.

We are privileged and challenged to be living through a major historical cross-dissolve as old entropic patterns play themselves out and new syntropic patterns arise. We are participant-observers in an age of transition between a self-deconstructing industrial and economic “globalized” world disorder and a self-generating biospheric and noetic “planitized” society. Like most births, its both scary and awe-inspiring.

From Homeland Security to Homeplanet Security

The “sound and fury,” smoke and flames of the current conflict can dominate the foreground of our field of vision, obscuring the broader, deeper epocal landscape of which they are a significant, but not determining part. For it is clear that in an ecosphere wherein “everything is connected to everything else,” “homeland security” for one nation-state can never be achieved at the expense of “homeplanet security” for all the members of the entire international community.

EON projects and posts aspirer to be a visionary activist's resource – holding up mirror to the movements that are working local, national, regional and global levels in response to the multiple converging planetary survival threats we face as a species?

Who are the individuals, groups, companies and institutions that are helping to create a democratic, peaceful and ecologically sustainable future?

We will emphasize working models and movements embodying the key value shifts crucial to the shift from corporate/industrial-based culture to a culture of what we call ‘planetarian’ enlightenment.  

  • From dominance to cooperation
  • From exploitation to compassion
  • From possession to sharing
  • From short term profit to long term sustainability

The Big Picture in ‘Bi-nocular Vision’:  "Crisis Clusters' are paired with 'Eco-Option Clusters"

As one takes an informed look at the world today, it is as if the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Pestilence, Famine, War and Death – have been merged, through leveraged buy-outs and hostile take-overs, into a larger, vertically and horizontally integrated Big 4 –

  • Corporate-led Globalization,
  • Nationalism,
  • Fundamentalism
  • Militarism

Their wild and reckless ride across the world brings us what political analyst Susan George calls the four converging, overlapping and interrelated “Crisis Clusters” that together characterize the the 21st century

  • The Environmental Destruction Cluster
  • The Poverty and Inequality Cluster
  • The Democracy & Empowerment Crisis Cluster
  • The Looming Economic Crisis Cluster  

In the light of new emerging revelations, we would add:

  • The Energy/Peak Oil Crisis Cluster

Lest we despair, let us hasten to add that substantial counter forces, some of them not yet on the ruling elites' radar screens, are rising to meet and transform the four new Apocalyptic Riders (plus one) with what we call Planetarian Solution Clusters:

  • The Environmental Sustainability Solution Cluster,
  • The Egalitarian Justice Solution Cluster
  • The Democratic Empowerment Solution Cluster
  • The Eco-Economics Solution Cluster
  • The Eco-Energy Solution Cluster.

Another World IS Happening

“History,” said Time Machine author, H.G. Wells, “is a race between education and catastrophe.” Now, as the petro-philes of the current administration strut their arrogant, unilateral stuff on the world stage — abrogating treaties, bombing, threatening, sanctioning, engineering coups, installing puppet regimes, supporting dictators and oligarchs, causing unspeakable misery, scoffing at international law abroad, trampling civil rights at home, targeting 60 countries in its pursuit of “Full Spectrum Dominance” (as the weapons wonks call it) — a growing number of “observers” have begun to wonder if history isn't now more precisely, a race between the demise of the biosphere and the deconstruction of the American Empire.  

Converging, Interacting Global Crises Vectors

(All arguably traceable to unchecked, entropic corporate rule.)

  • Climate Change – carbon loading of the atmosphere by industry
  • Epidemics
  • Social Dislocations – Refugees – Mass cross-border population flows
  • Subjugation of Women
  • Biosphere Destabilization
  • Resource Depletion –
  • Diversity Loss – Biological & Cultural
  • Militarism & Institutionalized Violence, State and 'private' terrorism
  • Elite Media Control
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction – nuclear, chemical & biological
  • Poverty/Health Gaps
  • Pollution – Technological Intoxication – chemical, nuclear, EMR
  • Human Rights Violations – labor, children, minorities, indigenous peoples

Ecological Option Vectors

(Civil Society-led initiatives of syntropic innovation.)

  • Civil Society-led Democratic Governance
  • Bio-Regionalism
  • Bio-Benign Technology
  • Bio-Remediation
  • Food Health
  • Eco-Economics
  • Non-Violent Conflict Resolution
  • Community Self-Reliance, Going Local
  • Celebration & perpetuation of diversity – cultural & biological
  • De-Corporatization – 're-regulation,' enforced corporate accountability
  • Expanded Relationship & Family Forms
  • Human / All Gender / All Species Rights
  • Universal Access to Education & Information
  • Biomimicry in industrial and social design
  • Multi-lateral, Democratic Regional & International Institution.

What the World Wants

Back in 1991 the World Game Institute published a chart entitled “What the World Wants.” It listed 14 objectives, showed their interlinkages, and gave supporting data and strategies to “make the point that what the world needs to solve the major systemic problems confronting humanity is both available and affordable.” Those objectives :

  1. Eliminate starvation and malnourishment
  2. Provide health care
  3. Eliminate inadequate housing and homelessness
  4. Provide clean and abundant water
  5. Eliminate illiteracy
  6. Increase energy and material use efficiency
  7. Increase renewable energy
  8. Debt management
  9. Stabilize population
  10. Reverse soil erosion
  11. Reverse deforestation
  12. Reverse ozone depletion
  13. Stop acid rain
  14. Stop global warming

Now, decades later, those challenges to humanity still remain and most of them seem even further from being met. Yet there has been and continues to be positive change at every level from the local to the international. But how to chart and track and participate in those changes if the dominant corporate media, from which most people get their worldview, can't see them or won't report on them – or is overtly or covertly opposed to them?

Historical Cross Dissolve

It's as if in this period we're in the middle of a long, slow, historical “cross-dissolve.” The incoming ‘scene’ of a post-corporate world of enlightened cultures of cooperation, liberation, conservation and long-term sustainability is just beginning its fade-in to visibility, while the present corporate scene of competition, control, exploitation and short-term profit is almost imperceptibly beginning its fade-out.

EON's goal is to strengthen the incoming scene by helping to give it more light – to “connect the dots” and give the “bird's eye” view that Natural Step founder Karl-Henrik Robert finds so necessary to sustain hope in the face of the “abominations” as the work of Eduardo Galeano so pithily and ironically describes.

What's Working Where?

As author-organizer Kevin Donahur has pointed out, “We know how to do renewable energy. We know how to do organic agriculture. We know how to do democracy. We know how to create a sustainable society. All the pieces are there. Now we just have to connect the dots.”

There's a big world community out there, "another world IS possible" and sooner or later, grudgingly or willingly, Washington, the right, the left, the oligarchy, the TNC's, the technocrats and the global elites are going to have to get with it.

As the late, great author of the Ecotopia novels, eco-philosopher Ernest ‘Chick’ Callenbach –– was fond of saying, ‘Onward and Upward!’