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Polar Bear photo by Ansgar Walk. Creative
                        Commons 2.5 License

Polar Bear photo by Ansgar Walk.  Creative Commons 2.5 License

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24 of the world's leading activists, scientists, and thinkers, from Europe, Asia, and the U.S. speak about the convergence of planetary threats now upon us, and how we can organize to stop them.

These presentations are from the International Forum on Globalization's (IFG) private seminars in Europe and the U.S., during 2006 and 2007.

Foresightful and doubly relevant today, they include: Vandana Shiva, Richard Heinberg, Maude Barlow, Jerry Mander, David Korten, Martin Khor, David Pimental, and 17 others.
Produced by EON for the International Forum on Globalization

Averting the Global Triple Crisis:
Climate Change, Species Extinction, Peak Oil

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