The Planetization Movement
From Geo-Politics to Gaian-Politics

Election Protection & Deep Democracy
Votes Freely Cast, Transparently Counted
and Honestly Reported

Clean Energy & Climate Change Solutions
Co-Creating a Post-Carbon Culture

Electro-Smog Health Protection
Public Health, Democracy and the 'Wireless Revolution'

Food, Water, Pesticides and Health Freedom
Beyond Big Agro and Big Pharma
To Localized Permaculture and Holistic Healing

EON provides policy analysis, consulting,
media tools and production services
to non-profit organizations and individuals
working for progressive social change.
In this age of dissappearing newspapers and corporate disinformation, EON is proud to be part of the deeply democratic independent media response.

We specialize in producing the following effective media tools and services tailored to the non-profit wallet:

Public organizing events
Legislative hearings
Conferences and teach-ins
News Conferences
Marches and demonstrations
Non-violent direct actions

In depth interviews with experts, advocates and officials

Broadcast, On-line and DVD Video Production
Video editing and post-production
Broadcast TV and theatrical public service announcements
DVD production, graphic design and duplication
Compression and preparation for on-line posting
Documentaries and educational video tools

Media Services:
Through the last quarter century we have had the privilege of participating in a number of effective grassroots campaigns including successes won by the Indigenous Rights, Nuclear Free, Electro-Smog Protection, Election Protection and Stop the Pesticide Spray movements.
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