New DVD Release:
From Ecotopia to Solartopia, a riveting discussion between Ernest Callenbach, author of the visionary Ecotopia novels, and Harvey Wasserman, activist historian and author of Solartopia.

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- U.S. Congressional Hearings on Cell Phone Health Risks
with Senators Harkin and Spector Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

- California State Senate Hearings on the human and environmental dangers of plans for aerial pesticide spraying over most of California.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

- Dr. Tom Kerns explains why Pesticides Violate Human Rights

What's New
EON is exhibiting at the Bioneers Conference, October 2009

EON is co-sponsoring Transition West Marin.
It's part of our own local effort to be part of the planetarian post-carbon/re-localization movement that's integral to the solutions for climate change and for new culture-making.

Watch for Mary Beth Brangan's article in Positive News U.S. Newspaper, Autumn 2009, "Lone Rower Takes on Ocean Pollution" (pg.14, online soon)

Read the article about EON in Positive News U.S. Newspaper, Summer 2009,
"Media Activism from a Planetarian Perspective" (pg.4)

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Our newly established on-demand publishing project the Syntropia Press has just published its first book:
The Enlightenment Imperative: Meditations on Spiritual Awakening, Social Engagement, Sexual Maturity and Cultural Creation at the Turn of the Millennium
Our new publishing project and first book!
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